Saturday, June 14, 2008

What A FUN Day!

Well, I was right. It was a busy day. Spent time in only one store. There was a lot going on! I had to re-merchandise in three departments. I was also a cheerleader today in our grilling contest. It was a FUN busy day. I walked with the Pres. of the company. The VP called about an hour after he left, making sure everything was good. Duh! He was with me! lol...

Anyway, I picked up the kid on the way home, took a short nap, and got up to cook. We had flank steaks on the grill, baked potato, and grilled artisan bread. Yumm-O! After dinner we went to our local golf park and played miniature golf. It was fun! Josh and the kid were neck and neck while I wimped out and took score. Josh won over the kid by one measly point. Oh well.

Did you ever play the Slug Bug game when you were younger? We did that while in the car. I won with 5. WooHoo!

It was a great night. We are chilling at home, dishes are in the washer, Josh is in the washer (shower), the kid will be next, and we start all over again tomorrow. The kid will be going to dad's house to spend time with him on Father's Day.

Hope you are all having a grand weekend!


David Kim said...

I'm glad you had a fun day. I stink at golf, even miniature golf. I took golf lessons thinking that it will help me with business connections, but the sport is just way too frustrating.

austere said...

I'll copypasting some of that enthusiasm, verve, joy, zest..

Annabel said...

Yes, we played slug bug but I had a friend that took it very seriously and would hit as hard as she could when she saw one. I didn't like it much after that.