Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Day Off?

I am on my second load of laundry. About ten more to go. It's bedding day. I am washing all of the sheets, pillow cases, and comforters, along with a week's worth of dirty clothes and towels. Gotta love it.

The kid has already cleaned up the living room and his bedroom. He has loaded and unloaded the dishwasher and taken out the trash. Not bad.

I have a ton to do. I am sorting through lots of papers and boxes, throwing away what I don't need to take with us. I am hoping we will be able to move around the first week in August. Placing the kid in school may prove to be a bit challenging. School up there starts around August 18, so we will need to start looking right away.

Well, clean clothes are staring at me, waiting to be folded. Gotta go. Later.


not said...

Ah! Mt. Washmore. I have been storing mine on my bedroom floor, but the day is coming to scale it. Maybe tonight (but probably tomorrow....or Saturday.)

Are you folding it right into moving boxes???

marykay said...

You are girl with a plan I love that about you, you have totally got it going on. Not me, not tonight! Laundry is my downfall I don't mind washing its the folding and putting it away that sucks! I guess the tornadoes missed was wondering all day. Don't work too hard and can u send the kid here please I will have him back by Aug 18...promise

simonsays said...

Oh my goodness, when you get yours finished, do you want to come and help me? teehee

Have a wonderful weekend.


David Kim said...

I hate doing the laundry too. I suggest doing it with some music or while watching tv if you don't do so already.