Saturday, June 14, 2008

Bare Hands Grabbing the Buns! Oh My!

Good morning! Just checking in before I head out the door. Today will prove to be a busy day.

Yesterday we went to a driving range, where the kid and Josh hit a bucket of golf balls. The kid is pretty good. I know I can't do it. Then we went to Logan's Steakhouse. It's a copycat of Texas Roadhouse. The food is okay. I got a medium-rare rib eye, which didn't look like a rib eye, a baked sweet potato, and a salad. I also got some tea to wash it all down. Josh got the chicken fried steak and the kid got his usual cheeseburger plain with fries. We had seats that looked into their back prep room. This is also the area where they bake the rolls. I noticed my server using tongs, but two of the guys were grabbing rolls with their bare hands. Ew! I kept thinking about how they probably don't wash their hands after taking a leak in the bathroom, and it made me sick to my stomach. When our server came back, I pointed out to her how much I appreciated her using the tongs and commented how gross it was for the two guys not to. She then went back there and told them to start using tongs and notified a manager. Yuck!

After dinner, we dropped the kid off at his dad's house and headed over to Josh's sister's house. His mom is staying there for awhile. We all talked for about an hour and then we headed home. I did one more load of laundry last night, because I still have a ton to do. In fact, I have towels in the dryer right now as I sit here and type. As soon as they are done, I will fold and put them away, then head out to face the work world. Yes, it is going to be a busy day. Have a great one!


austere said...

I don't know how you make even laundry seem so interesting.

norrbu said...

you did everything I've been meaning to do -- golf, pork ribs, laundry (it's been 3 weeks already).

Sally said...

It's so funny how we end up at the same restaurants just days apart from each other. Maybe we should meet up before you take off for OH? Your call!

We're heading to Logan's for Dad's Day tomorrow...and as much as I love their rolls, I may have to abstain now. =)

Leann said...

Sometimes it's really best if you don't see what they do to your food before you get it. I don't know how many times I've driven away from fast food windows because I saw how they were handling(mis) the food.

David Kim said...

I never complain to anyone making or serving my food. You never know what they might do to the food if they get mad at you. I have heard of too many horror stories....things I cannot say on this family oriented blog.