Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Day From Hell

I thought I would do a quick post before I head out today. Yesterday was a terrible day. It started off with breakfast and our server forgetting part of our order. Then the kid wanted to go the neighbor kid's house. The rule is that he is not allowed to go into any one's back yard. He has to stay up front where he is visible (yes, I am a protective mother). Anyway, he went into the kid's back yard for about 20 minutes to play around with the water hose. When he came back up front, he noticed someone had stolen his brand new bike. Argh! I was one unhappy mother! If the kid had just listened, he would not have left his bike unattended. I was furious. Not only was his bike gone, but he was soaking wet and had his brand new phone in his pocket! Fortunately, the phone was okay and did not receive any water damage.

We filed a police report, but we know the bike is long gone by now. The kid is grounded indefinitely for not listening to his mother. Yeah, I am a mean momma.

Well, after that whole situation, we were headed out to get something to eat. We all hopped in the car and I changed my mind about what I was wearing. I got out, went in to the house to change, came back out and realized I did not have my keys. Josh left his in the house as well. So, while we waited for 30 minutes for a locksmith to come, we were eaten alive by mosquitoes. I thought we were the ones who were suppose to be dining out? We tried to get into our house by ourselves, but we proudly had to admit, it was closed up tight. This kind of gave me a sense of relief.

After paying the nice couple $80 for 90 seconds of work, we got our keys and decided to go out to eat anyway. We had already lost over $300 that day, and felt we deserved it.



Chelf said...

"Mean Mamma" you keep up the good work! The kid didn't follow your rules, and got taken for it. I am just sorry that the lesson cost so much money.

Surely, today will be better.

Jenni said...

Ugh! What a horrible day. I hope dinner was good anyway. Where'd you go? Anywhere noteworthy? Dh was just asking where he should take me for my b-day next month. We went to Sabor near the Warren Old Town for our anniversary and it was very good. I always like to hear about places I haven't tried yet, even if we rarely eat out.

To answer the question you posted on my blog, yes, I have one brother. I just noticed the numbers at the end of your blogger ID and I bet you're the same age as him. He is an artist, lives in Wichita, and is married to an artist. I have one and a half sisters-in-law. (One is dh's half sister:o)) You will sometimes see younger SIL in the comments section on my blog as "Just Jess" and she has a blog as well.

I hope today is extra great to make up for yesterday!

Leann said...

Good for you!! I know exactly how you feel. My son did the very same thing, but at the library. Brand new bike, gone. I was much scarier to face.

austere said...

Horrible. Too much when all this stuff happens at the same time, isn't it?

Though you managed darn well, lady.

Sometimes, a day like this. I just sit down and cry.

simonsays said...

OH honey, what a day you had.

I hope that you had a good dinner, you deserved it.

I was a mean momma, too.

Hugs, my friend.

marykay said...

What is up with punks in the neighborhood? I am a mean mommy too so I can relate, Our travel trailer was tagged by punks yesterday must have been the full moon. At least its almost the weekend. Hope dinner was Yummy!

Terri said...

bummer! I so would have gone out to eat anyways too; food can usually make a person feel better, or at least satisfied!

Andfre said...

Holy crap that was a bad day! Sounds kind of like my bad day on Wednesday/Thursday where everything kept going wrong. I'll blog on that later.

Cheryl said...

Whew is right. Lots of lessons in that day. Too bad they had to be so costly. Like my money in my pocket. A hard lesson.

David Kim said...

Sorry to hear that you had a day from hell.

I got many bikes stolen in the past. One time, someone broke a window in my dad's van and stole my bike out of there. Another time, someone stole my bike from the library even though it was locked up. My other bikes were stolen when I was a kid.

Well, anyway, I hope you have many more days from heaven to make up for it.