Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Full Summer Ahead

I feel better today. Probably because I am off. Yesterday was a hell of a day. Too much to do. I actually am finishing up on some work at home this morning. Ugh... will it ever end?

I am going to Omaha in mid-May for a graduation. The first week in June will be my full week of vacation. I will be going back to Omaha to help out with the graduation party. I am doing all of the cooking. It's a huge menu with about 100 people coming. It will be my first big event.

Some things on the menu are:

BBQ pulled pork sliders
teriyaki beef and chicken skewers
mini bratwurst
deviled eggs
corn salad
BBQ baked beans
collard greens
fresh fruit salad
raspberry cheesecake bites

Many of the people visiting have southern culture in the family, so my greens and BBQ was requested. Okay by me, I love to cook! Of course, I am throwing in a little Asian flare with my spicy BBQ sauce and teriyaki skewers. It should be a great time in June.

Are any of you doing anything for summer vacation? I think we are heading up to Ohio the first week in August. I am taking Josh and the kid along with my family for about 10 days. We all want to go to Cedar Point. It's the roller coaster capital of the world. There are fanatics in my family. Not me though, I get motion sickness easily.

Well, hope you all have a great week! Happy Hump Day!


Dear Liza said...

That menu sounds impressive and I'm sure you will make it just perfectly. :)

Your summer sounds very busy...I hope you take the time to enjoy each minute.

Hugs, friend.

Anonymous said...

[gassing up hubby's truck and preparing the RV for travel]

where and when is this party? I'll bring a gift... LOL! The menu sounds great!

Portia said...

Goodness that sounds fabulous! And 100 people?! Good thing you love to cook:)

I hated working in the corporate world too, but as you said, it does have its advantages. I hope things lighten up for you there.

Anonymous said...

I'll take BBQ pulled pork sliders any day, any time.

Leann said...

Oh man, that sounds fantastic!!

That's quite the menu but I know you can pull it off :-)

austere said...


And what a huge menu!

Maan I'm impressed !