Friday, May 08, 2009

Drowning Herbs

I am slightly upset this evening. I had to replant my herb garden. I left it too close to the edge of my front porch and the storm we had last night (the one I slept through and didn't hear a sound) drowned my poor herbs. The basil was a complete mess this morning and the chives are looking droopy. I cut some of the herbs down and replanted. I used some of the basil this evening to make basil mayo for our burgers. Josh did a great job grilling... thanks babe!

Hopefully the herbs will survive. If not, they can be easily replaced. I just don't like rework. I get enough of that at my job, don't want to have it at home.

How are your gardens growing?


Cheryl said...

I shopped for my annuals today and will be planting this weekend. Finally. I think the rain is over cause this is late to be getting started and I'm more than ready.

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

I wish I could garden. I don't have any place to have one so I'll just live vicaroulsy though you all that do garden.