Monday, January 19, 2009

Wake Up!


I am still sleepy this morning and I can't type. Good thing there is a backspace button. I am waiting for my coffee to get done. Excuse me while I tend to that...

Mmmm, I needed that! I love my coffee. I usually just have two cups. It tastes so good!

The kid is on his way over from his dad. No school today and tomorrow in the public school system. I am on vacation, but do plan on going to a district meeting tomorrow. It's totally voluntary.

Well, I better get around here. We are going to run some errands today.


marykay said...

Enjoy your coffee and your week off, I started my day at Mickey D's with Ash. I'm jealous, a whole week off!! Wohoo! I'm sure you will have a good time. You deserve a break.

Leann said...

Good morning!! Hope you had a Manic Monday (in a good way)