Saturday, January 17, 2009

Vacation's All I Ever Wanted

Hey there. I am just sitting here enjoying my hazelnut flavored Colombian coffee. It's soooo good! Today marks the first day of my vacation! That's right folks, I am taking a week's vacation in the middle of January for no good reason. I just want the time off. My company still owes me a week from last year, so I was able to take it in January since it still falls within our fiscal calendar. Hooray for me!

What are my plans? Well, today I plan on doing absolutely nothing. I am going to run a few errands around town today, but mostly plan to veg out. Tomorrow I will tackle some cleaning. Monday and Tuesday the kid does not have school, so I am sure we are going to be shopping with the gift cards he received for Christmas. Wednesday will be another veg day and Thursday I will be heading to Great Bend to spend time with my mom. Friday we are going to Kansas City together to see my brother and will be back home on Sunday. Lots of fun this coming week!

I was talking to my best friend last night. She lives in Omaha, Nebraska. Anyway, BFF and I are taking a Vegas trip in early March. We have another friend who is coming with us. He lives in Omaha as well. Josh will not be making the trip with us. I feel kind of bad about that, but I think I am going to change my mind. If he can get the time off, I want him to go. He has never been and I want him to be there. But if he can't, I still plan on having fun!

Well, enough gibber jabber. I need to go and run some errands. Talk to you soon!


Sally said...

I'm glad you're getting some time off. You work too hard!

Just got home from my errands -- visiting one of your stores. =) I got some killer deals today!! Spent $12, saved $44!!!

bonnie said...

I want some killer deals. After all this time, I don't know your store. Hmmmm. Happy vacation Abbagirl!

Meloncutter said...

Well, I am enjoying my vacation even if I am sick as a dog. This January off thing might be just the ticket to get over the stress of the holidays. Dang in 2 more years I will get 3 weeks off a year. WOW.

Enjoy your time off. I know you need it. I know what you do for a living. LMAO

Later Y'all.

Anonymous said...

Nice to hear you have time off!! Lucky girl, you deserve it.
Speaking of best friends, didnt you once have a best friend who was a guy?

David Kim said...

Stay out of trouble when you visit Sin City!