Sunday, February 17, 2008

New Blogs Added - Please Read

I have added some new blogs and updated the blogs on the side. If I have forgotten anyone, please accept my apologies and just send me a friendly reminder. Take a look at some of the new ones I have added. I urge you to visit Kevin, Mrs. Nesbitt, Jonna, and Chelf. Great people with great blogs.

I am sitting here eating some clementines, trying to get in some much needed Vitamin C. I have a flat-iron steak marinating in Daddy Hinkle's marinade, baked potatoes in the oven, broccoli ready for steaming, and a lettuce wedge in the fridge, waiting to be drizzled in ranch dressing. My appetite is back which is a good sign that I am starting to feel better.

I am planning on making some chocolate chip expresso scones later for tomorrow morning. Yumm-O!!!

Well, I am off to read some more. Catch you later!


Cheryl said...

Hi! I'm glad you're starting to feel better. I know it's bad if you took off work. The flu is rampant these days. I'm putting my Purell back in my purse!

We don't have flat iron steaks in our grocery stores. My sister in GA said Publix is the only one around her that carries it. I've had it at a restaurant and it was good, but I have a recipe that calls for it. I'll just wait till our stores carry it.

Dinner sounds great. Enjoy!

Sunshine said...

More reading material....GAH!

My Google Reader will explode!

bonnie said...

Hey AbbaGirl. I'm sorry to read you've been sick. Thanks for dropping by my blog. It means so much to me. I'm glad to hear you are feeling much better. Steve had that phlegm flu for a lot of our trip. He had a fever and was soooo miserable. Reading your blog always makes me hungry.

bonnie said...

sorry, I forgot to tell you I tagged you.

Sally said...

Oh, I love clementines...and those scones sound yummy! My mouth is watering now...thanks! =)

OCsurf said...

ABC Wednesday is a great idea, very creative.

Leann said...

I'm so glad to hear you are feeling better. I had that yukky flu also and called in sick. Something I've not done in years.

You can send some of those pastries my the way :-)

Hyde said...

Yum. I ate Clementines like crazy the last time I was sick. And fyi-- here is
the story on my friend's dad

Chelf said...

Thank you for sharing me with your readers.

I hope you keep feeling better.