Friday, February 29, 2008

Land of Oz

I am now calling my place of employment the Land of Oz. Why? Well, you have a wizard who is a fraud, you have wicked witches, good witches, annoying munchkins, and pesky flying monkeys. I am sure you can figure out who is who.
Today is Leap Day. This is a day I love. It always gives me more time. But I won't get into that. I just like this day.
We are going to my family's house this weekend. We plan on leaving tomorrow morning around 7 with the arrival time of 9. I need to pick a couple of things up for my mom at the store. I figured we would get there in time to make breakfast for everyone.
Well, I am off to see the wizard again. Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!


marykay said...

How funny, Love you description. Have a Great weekend and enjoy your family!

austere said...

:) That's a good one.. but horrid, knowing how hard you work.
Breakfast agenda?

Sally said...

That's a good analogy...although it might be a little too nice to describe my place of employment.

Have a great weekend. Weather should be AWESOME (at least for tomorrow -- can you believe we might get MORE snow??)

Leann said...

Well that certainly cleared some things up!! Take care and watch out for those pesky monkeys!!

bonnie said...

What a very cute post. You're so creative. I love the picture that goes with it. Hope you are having a delightful weekend.

Phelan said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Things went well yesterday, surprised me. So when you comeing out for a bbq? Come meet the cows and have some burgers :D

simonsays said...

I hope you had a wonderful time with your family this weekend. It is so sweet of you to make breakfast for everyone.

And back to the land of oz today?


David Kim said...

Are you more like Dorothy or Elphaba or G(a)linda?