Friday, February 08, 2008

Feeling Better

I am feeling a bit better today, although my throat is still froggy. I came home and crashed yesterday after lunch and found myself unable to fall asleep last night. I finally found refuge after 2 am. Thank goodness for reruns. I watched Little People, Big World - one of my favorite shows.

Josh wanted to eat at Red Lobster last night, and although it's not a favorite restaurant of mine, we enjoyed our dinner. Red Lobster can be counted on to provide good customer service and consistency on their food. I usually get the seaside shrimp trio and have to bring home half of it.

Aah, this hazelnut coffee is hitting the spot this morning. The warm liquid is quite soothing to my raw throat and the slightly sweet coffee is hitting the spot in the tummy. I am also enjoying a cheddar biscuit from last night's leftovers. Sounds gross, huh?

I have to turn in my vacation schedule today. I have no idea if it's what I am actually going to take, but we shall see.

Hope you all have a wonderful Friday! I can't believe it's already here!


SpringMist said...

Hey, I hope u get well soon. Take care of urself and stay warm my friend.
Friday is here? I can't believe it!

STACY'S TRIP said...

That is sooo funny. Honestly, I blog before I read everyone else (so my journaling is not tainted) and there you go... we both had hazelnut coffee! How funny is that!? Hey my husband passes through wichita 4 times a week. He is a truck driver.

Cheryl said...

I'm glad you're feeling better. This cold of mine is almost gone, and in only one week. Yes! I can't wait till tomorrow till I have my coffee. I'll think of you!

austere said...

Sounds good!

Leann said...

Hope you're feeling better today. I caught the crud that seems to be going around and cringe every time someone comes into the ER with it and breathes all over they not know to just stay home and let it run it's course????

Parlancheq said...

Actually a cheddar biscuit for breakfast sounds yummy. Seaside shrimp for breakfast, not so much so.