Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Milestone Day

My goodness! Another milestone passes today. The kid got his braces off. Wow! He looks great. I am so happy that he will be able to start high school with beautiful teeth!

Of course, the whole time I was at the ortho, I was on a conference call. It lasted almost 4 hours. It was our period review. Those are 4 hours I won't be able to get back. Good thing they took breaks. I must have looked weird with the phone to my ear the whole time and not talking. I did take some pictures.... yes! I am one of those moms! But for personal reasons, I don't post any pictures of my kid on this blog. I have a couple of pictures on my Facebook for those of you who know where to go.

After the conference call, I headed back to the stores and did some work. I got around 6. I totally did not feel like cooking and practically had to beg Josh to make dinner. I know he works hard too, but can't he make dinner every once in awhile? Unfortunately, this boyfriend does not come equipped with household duties. I do all of the cooking and cleaning.... usually. Unless I gripe about it long enough, like tonight. I just don't want to have to gripe to have him do these things once in awhile. Can't a guy surprise his girl every once in awhile? Geez!

Okay, enough ranting and raving. I am pretty tired tonight. It's spaghetti and garlic bread and then a quick walk on the treadmill before I head to shower and bed. Did I mention I am suppose to have tomorrow off? Yep. Quick visit back to the ortho to pick up the kid's retainer and then we are free!



Leann said...

Enjoy your day off!

You certainly deserve a boyfriend who comes equipped with the gene to be domestic...if only occasionally :-)

I don't know where to go on Facebook?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Abbagirl for your detailed response. Your suggestions give me a lot of hope.

Iwan said...

errm....that is why Men are from venus and women are from Mars ? or the other way round ? sorry..i do not read the book as yet !

Cheryl said...

Funny, when I've mentioned that it would be nice to have a guy around to help with things most women that have a guy say they do it all themselves anyway. So true!

austere said...

You have a point.

Great about the multitasking.