Sunday, February 08, 2009

Sorry for the lack of posts. I have been super busy at work. We had a grand opening for one of our stores on the south side of the city. Those openings can take a lot out of you.

I am headed to Greensburg today. It's for work. Can't say I really want to go.

I am in desperate need of my hairdresser. The grays are starting to come in and I had to miss my appointment last week. My hair is crazy long and I need to get it cut as well. The girl who does my hair is really good at doing color, but I think she is intimidated by cutting my hair. I don't know if she is very confident in her scissor skills, and that will make any client nervous.

We are celebrating the kid's birthday this afternoon. It should be a very fun day!


Cheryl said...

I had to miss my last cut and color because my stylist had a family emergency. I'm so glad I have an appointment on Tuesday. I wish it could be relaxing, but I fit it in between clients. Still, it's a freebie so I can't complain.a

austere said...

Many happy returns to the Kid.

Cant believe what a l'oreal fanatic I've become. :)

Leann said...

Hair is on my agenda this week. It just should not be so bloomin' difficult to find a competant stylist. (I almost said beautician but realized how outdated that term is)

Lois Grebowski said...

i'm with ya on the hair thing. I gave up on color. Just letting nature do it's frosting.

But I need a cut real bad. Will do that today!

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

I had to color my hair a couple weeks ago. The grays were taking over!

llamapantz said...

no worries, I havent written much these days either! Happy birthday to the kid!

LOL the word verificaiton is "cougga"

In other news, I'm going over to the local tavern to find myself a cougga! Oh wait, that was the same news... oh well! And now I've written more in your comment them I did on my own blog ;)

David Kim said...

I understand grand openings are hard work. We had a grand opening at my wife's new pharmacy. Tiring!

Proxima Blue said...

I used to do all sorts of crazy colors when I was in my teens and twenties. Now I am curious to see how my hair will age. Those who have lived long enough in my family get that beautiful snowy white color. I think it would be pretty cool if I get it too. Salt-n-pepper looks really nice on some people.

ironcially by word verification is "fierbag". I probably will be a fiery old bag some da. ;>